How This Works

All FTS filters us the amazing process of osmosis to filter contaminated and dirty water the natural way.  No harsh chemicals, no pumping, no electricity.

Osmosis is simple:  when sugars and electrolytes are placed on one side of our membrane, water naturally moves through the membrane, drawn by the presence of the dissolved solids on the other side.  Meanwhile, anything bigger than our 0.0007 micron pore size gets blocked.  This includes 99.9999% of bacteria.  Viruses are blocked and even lead ions are blocked at 95%.

Even though our filters are the tightest you can buy, it won’t clog like all the other filters.  This is because osmosis does not require hydraulic pressure, so the presence of dirt in the water does not impede the process.

The result is a refreshing and energizing drink that gives you the hydration, calories and electrolytes you need to keep going!