Crazy Questions

Crazy Questions We Get Asked

Can I Filter Saltwater?

Yes you can!  Both our Mariner and Seal filters are designed for saltwater use, and reject more than 99% of ocean salt.  These filters are used by the US Coast Guard rescue swimmers and militaries around the world…you can count on them should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of drifting off in the wrong direction on your next pleasure cruise.  The Seal filter is designed for use in both fresh and salt water- a big plus for aviators who fly over land and sea.

Can I Get the Filter to Work Faster?

There are a few strategies you can employ to speed up the process of osmosis.  One is to give the filter agitation now and then.  This help keeps concentrated sugar against the membrane which speeds the process.  Additionally, the warmer the water, faster the process works.  A filter in the sun should fill faster than a filter in the shade.  The important thing is to plan your consumption.  If you know you’ll need two or three filters per day. put them in water the night before and they’ll be ready in the morning.

Are There Different Flavors?

Right now all the filters come in a delightful citrus tone…but stay tuned for exciting developments!

Can I filter my own urine?

Are you crazy?  OK, the truth is we had reports from the field of soldiers successfully doing this, but it’s not something we can recommend.  The filters block most of the salts (sodium) in your urine, and any bacteria.  Definitely a better survival drink filtered than straight…but we make no claim on the amount of urea (a nitrogen compound) that will make it through the filter.

How Long do The filters Last on the Shelf?

All FTS filters have an impressive 5-year shelf life.  The sugars in the filters may brown over time, but this will not affect the efficacy of the filter.

Can I filter on the Go?

Everyone’s in such a rush these days.  Sometimes we are too,,,so when we need to get going, we simply fill a wide-mouth bladder (available everywhere) with dirty water and slip our filters inside.  They’ll hydrate your back as you move on down the trail.